Jonny Knight 5:30am-9am

Glenn LeFay, 9am – 12pm

Born in Anchorage Alaska and raised by a group of nomadic lemmings, Glen’s love of music was instilled at an early age. His parents love of folk, motown , rock-a-billy, classic country and bee-bop inspired him to play dj with his friends and spin 45′s until his friends were sick of it. The advance to the airwaves was just a natural progression. He eventually graduated from Sandpoint Sr Hi sometime during the early paleozic era which also gave him a love for 80′s mod and punk. With such a diverse taste in music Glen decided to pursue a career in radio which led to his blurry twentys. He thinks there was some secondary schooling but all that he can remember is a lot of travelling, which was in his heart as well, due to his upbringing as a lemming.

He has worked in radio in a few different markets and takes life very seriously. He has three kids that think he’s a dork. Glen has lived in Sandpoint most of his life and is a really big fan of the Inland Northwest. Glen also lives for LIVE music and if ya can’t find him at a great show, he also likes sliding down snowy hills on a board and also likes to catch fish that he lets go. You can always check out his show from 6 a.m – 10 a.m. Monday thru Friday on his favorite radio station, KPND.

Diane Michaels

Diane Michaels, 12pm – 3pm

Diane got her start in radio in the mid 70′s when vinyl records and reel to reel tape recorders were the norm.

She spent 5 years in Northern California working at AOR radio stations and enjoying the Bay area/Sacramento music scene before heading East to Reno, Nevada. Still playing vinyl, she worked at the rock station for 10 years, before making the switch to Triple A radio. After 10 years at the Triple A station in Reno, wanderlust struck again.

She now resides in North Idaho and has worked at KPND since 2004, where she is currently on the air 10a.m-3p.m. She is also music director, assistant program director and promotions person!

Check out the Disc of the Day each day at 11:20 am and the Radio Deli at noon on 95.3 KPND.

Uncle Larry, 3pm – 7pm

Marie McAllister 7p-12am


Pat Murphy, 12pm – 6am

The newest kid on the block, Pat Murphy mans the newly created Overnight Show from midnight to 6:00 a.m., Monday thru Friday, giving KPND 24 hours of continuous jock coverage. Born back in the “Year Of The Horse”, 1966, spent a childhood in Pennsylvania and then in Montreal, Canada, and have been a North Idaho native now for 15 years. A sports fanatic and devout music junkie, he spent 18 months in college spinning tunes for a campus station before growing up and moving onto a career working with the then-known World Wrestling Federation (yeah those guys). He then moved to a career working as an Administrative Assistant and later a Technical Writer in Pharmaceutics.

“Growing up wasn’t THAT much fun so I decided to reach into my inner-child and do what I liked instead and got back into radio and have now worked every possible shift known to man (morning man, afternoon drive, middays and evenings before The Overnight Show) in various formats (Hard Rock, Country) until finding my niche in AAA where I now get to spin what I listen to most. I love all formats and if you come to my house for dinner, ya may catch the 5-player with anything from The Beatles, Michael Franti, 70′s Disco, Springsteen and Bruce Cockburn….I love it ALL!” said Murphy. “I live with my lady Fran, 4 kiddos, 2 cats and a dog, life flows cool, so come hang out with me overnights and we’ll cruise the night together.”